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"So what exactly do you do?"

Our process uses direct effort to thoroughly remove the ivy and underlying root structure. On occasion this has to be followed by a resurfacing or other additional consideration.

"Do you only remove poison ivy?"

Poison ivy is what we're best at and remains the focus of Bear River Property Services. That being said we are willing and able to help with many of New Hampshire's native and non native vines and thorny bushes.
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"What about next year?"

It is difficult to guarantee 100% removal for the lifetime of the property,

That being said a thorough removal of the ivy followed by a disruption of ivy's habitat is usually enough to give the home owner an upper hand. We will go over what options are most effective on a case by case basis.

How do you calculate the cost?

We calculate the cost of extraction by the approximate square footage of your problem area's heaviest concentration, extraction of the roots and runners is included;

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Do you cover my area?

Our service area includes New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Southern and Central Maine & Vermont.